Embeddedness and Beyond: Do Sociological Theories Meet Economic Realities?

Die wirtschaftssoziologischen Sektionen der Internationalen, Europäischen und Amerikanischen Gesellschaft für Soziologie veranstalten eine gemeinsame Tagung an der Higher School of Economics in Moskau. Hier finden sich das vorläufige Programm und Anmeldeinformationen.
Die Konferenz beschäftigt sich mit den folgenden Themen:
"Over the last quarter century, new economic sociology emerged and evolved, by and large, within the broad theoretical framework of social embeddedness of economic action. While being initially rooted in the structural social networks perspective, the framework gradually expanded to integrate institutional and cultural arguments and to overcome the analytical separation between economic and social. More recently, it was complemented by the performativity approaches, which challenge traditional inquiries into the socially constructed nature of markets by focusing instead on their role in constructing (performing) societies. These developments show that the concept of social embeddedness has inspired a large number of insightful sociological theories and empirical studies of economic phenomena which, taken together, constitute a mature field of inquiry with its distinctive questions, arguments, and contributions. Yet, today's rapidly evolving and highly uncertain economic realities put these theories to a challenging test. Are they up to the task of thorough understanding market transitions in postcommunist and third-world countries, the continuing global financial crisis, or the new modern forms of calculability, governance, and social control? Given a rather static view of social embeddedness, how much can we say about the emergence, reproduction, and dissolution of networks, markets, and institutions, in other words, the dynamic nature of socio-economic reality? Or, on the contrary, about the stubborn resistance to change of old patterns of inequality and forms of governance? Does the proliferation of online purchases and Internet social networking sites radically alter the very notion of embeddedness? Overall, do our theories have enough "give" and can be slightly adjusted to answer such questions, or do we need a completely new toolkit to tackle them? The conference brings together the leading experts in the field who will concretize and explore these questions with regard to their own areas of research and theoretical approaches."